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    My goal is to create that special piece of jewelry that you feel you must have and that you will wear for a very long time. A quiet statement piece that has been created by hand and has the wearability factor of looking great with jeans or a cocktail dress is what I am passionate about creating. I don't think you should scream statement... its much more effective to whisper. Plus, its always great to have something that is in limited quantity so you don't see yourself coming and going. 

    As I work on each piece I pay careful attention to design, construction, durability and finish without losing the look of handmade. I think its important to follow high fashion trends but never be too trendy. If you are going to invest in a handmade quality piece it should stand the test of time, always be in style but never look crafty.

    So go ahead and find a piece that you will passionately wear forever.