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    "Great things are not done by impulse,

    but a series of small things brought together"

    -Vincent Van Gogh


    my story

    I have always been passionate about art and jewelry. I would wander from my mom as a toddler and could always be found in the jewelry department on my tiptoes trying to get a glimpse at the sparkling jewels draped in the glass cabinets. I would rummage through my grandmother’s jewelry boxes, trying everything on and dreaming about pieces of my very own. Art and design have been constant throughout my life - I went to school for graphic design and, over the next 20 years, built a successful career in advertising design. But spending my days behind a screen made me long to create and craft things with my hands, and the idea of jewelry always crept back into my mind, until I decided to finally bring that dream into fruition. I put my career aside and started taking metalworking classes, until my lifelong passion became an attainable possibility. I began creating unique, but wearable pieces - things I had been looking for in stores and visualizing in my head but could never find. Soon, what started as a little hobby, quickly turned into a small business selling to family, friends, and even people passing me by on the street, and from there has grown.


    my inspiration

    I am inspired by things I see in my everyday life. The little things such as architectural details, macro photography, and geometric and abstract shapes inform my design process. Even the negative spacial area formed from a yoga pose, or a beautiful, picturesque sunset are imbued into the designs you’ll find in my collections. To me, everyday observations become a scrapbook in my mind for future creations. I use all of this to create simple, geometric, organic pieces that are wearable and easy, but also unique and statement-making. 


    my process

    Everything you’ll find here is conceived, designed, and crafted in my studio using sterling silver, 18K gold, and a sparkle or two. I am always looking for innovative ways to create, often blending classical metalworking techniques with modern methods, such as 3-d printing. The materials I work with are fine recycled metals, and conflict-free gemstones and diamonds in each one of my pieces.


    where you fit in

    Now I aim to share my lifelong passion for jewelry with you. I hope you find in my collection those pieces that, like me, you have been searching for. The piece that brings you happiness and wonderment. The piece that goes with everything you already own, but is nothing at all like what you already own. The piece that everyone stops you on the street about. The piece you can't leave home without. 

    Pieces are made in small quantities, so what are you waiting for? Shop now