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    robinbassjewelry — gwyneth

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    All the Sparklers at the Met Gala in New York

    Many blogs today have reviewed the fashion on the red carpet at last night's Met Gala but I haven't read any reviews yet on the jewelry maybe because many of the gowns were so so outrageous in good and bad ways... the jewelry took a back seat. Here are my favorite jewels of the evening and some really noteworthy looks...

    As far as earrings go Gwyneth wore the most spectacular diamond and emerald hoops.

    These deco platinum and diamond estate earrings are a beautiful design...

    These pink sapphire and diamond earrings were spectacular...but look like they may have been heavy to wear...

    These cuff style wing earrings? is this a new trend... who wore it best?

    An index finger ring... such a sexy look...

    And with such a great statement diamond and gold cuff bracelet...who needs all that other bling... a little overkill.

    Love the look of the double wrapped long sapphire and gold pendant with this
    Boho Prada Gown.

    I adore this gown... But I think I may have styled it with a sparkling black diamond cuff bracelet and some delicate diamond starburst studs.

    and I just wanted to add this picture of Chelsea Handler who looked so gorgeous and happy with her handsome boyfriend. Love the handbag or is that a weapon or a
    ball and chain?