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    Create Everyday — sterling

    Architectural Inspiration

    Spring is just around the corner and I thought I would share with you a sneak peek at my new collection. Since a recent trip to Chicago I have had this shape in my mind.  I have been intrigued with organic shapes and contemporary design merging. I had a design popping into my head about a soft organic shape along with a hard edged geometric shape and how cool it would be to juxtapose the two of them ..

    The following photos are my inspiration photos taken from architectural details from a condominium called the Wavy Building in Chicago designed by the amazingly innovative architect Jeanne Gang. Last November I stayed at the hotel across the street and every morning I left I took pictures of it at different times of the day. 


    Also this photo of an unbelievable yacht designed by Zaha Hadid was my main inspiration. It has the most gorgeous lines and movement. Both of them have this softness and hardness, contemporary yet timeless feel to them, and geometric yet organic shapes combined...


    I was so enthralled with the designs above I thought it would be amazing to translate the soft abstract shapes in these structures into jewelry. I doodled ideas in my sketchbook until I came up with these designs. I love the idea of having these shapes suspended as pendants and worn with a soft deerskin cord that could be adjusted to be long or tripled to be a choker with the statement pendant hanging down and along with that came the idea of a modern innovative take on small knocker earrings. 

    These are in the works now and final pieces will be finished very soon... can't wait to share with you...

    All the best.