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    Create Everyday — A mother's support

    The Best Gift from my Mom...HAPPY

    The Best Gift from my Mom...HAPPY

    Spring is my happy time. Well, when am I not happy? I am (most of the time) a very positive upbeat person but something about spring blooming brings out my inner child, carefree spirit even more. My favorite babydoll I had as a child was named "Happy". 😊 which has made me contemplate more of how I got this way. 


    I owe a lot to my mom. She gave me Happy on my birthday! And now, over 50 years later I am still carrying Happy with me. Not literally, Happy is always in my heart and spirit. I was lucky enough to be raised by a full time mother who was always my biggest fan. As she still is today. Nobody wears more of my jewelry than my mom. She always has made me feel as I could do anything I set my mind to. She is the reason I started creating jewelry to begin with. She knows how passionate I am about design and jewelry and she always gives me the confidence to do what I love. 

    So, here I am today trying to thank her for all the Happy gifts she has given me through the years as she is getting ready for hip surgery this afternoon. My beautiful mom fell this week and broke her arm and her hip. She will heal and we will take the time this month to stop and slow down and cherish this time the whole family will be together to support and care for her. Because of her I am looking at the positive and thinking to the future. 

    I love you 😘 Mom and get well soon!